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Hi, my name’s Kevin and I’m a Linux IT consultant and content writer primarily for the computer, tech and investment sectors. I write for both consumer (B2C) as well as business (B2B) markets.


I’m from London, England but I’ve lived in Europe, US and Asia over many years.


I studied Economics & Politics at the University of Bath, graduating with an upper second class degree. I also did a Diploma in German, plus a Postgraduate course in Marketing. I then spent a few years working in the advertising media sector in London.


Then moved to Berlin where I made a career change. The Web and Internet was just taking off and I wanted to be part of it. So I trained at Siemens to become a Unix IT Systems Administrator.


My first stop was the University of Potsdam, before switching to become a freelance IT contractor. I’ve contracted at many big name companies, among them Unilever, Dresdner Bank, ING Bank, JD Edwards, EMBL European Molecular Biology Lab, Merck Pharmaceutical, 1&1 Internet, and others, as well as a number of small startups.


I then expanded into e-ecommerce, setting up own e-commerce sites selling affiliate products and services and developed my sales copywriting skills. Then I moved on to also take on external content marketing clients.


Which is where I am now. Still based in Europe, along with my IT consultancy work I also produce  sales and marketing copy for IT clients throughout the world on a freelance basis to help them attract more customers and increase their sales.


I’ve published a book in both printed paperback and digital ebook format all about moving to Berlin. I also maintain a blog about do-it-yourself investment, entrepreneurship and location independence at www.BreakFreeRebel.com


In my free time I love traveling, Asian and vegetarian food, sport (running, judo – but no longer active, and mountain biking), languages, music (mostly indie rock and electronic), as well as English comedy and good films.



You can find my LinkedIn Profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinrwells/


Get in touch via the contact form below and let’s get to know each other.



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