Hi, my name’s Kevin and I’m a location independent entrepreneur in the areas of e-commerce, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency investment.

I’m from London, England but I’ve lived in Europe, US and Asia over many years.

I worked in the IT and Web sectors with many different businesses and organizations, large corporates and small startups, both as employee then later as freelancer and consultant.

I then moved into digital marketing and e-commerce.  My newest venture is launching my own hedge fund specializing in Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Blockchain-based currencies and assets are a strong growth area both now and into the future.

I see blockchain technology as the biggest development since the Internet and the Web.  The blockchain will revolutionize many areas of our lives, both in banking, finance, investment, as well as whole other areas of our economy and society.

More widely, I believe in encouraging personal enterprise and breaking out of the mainstream to give people more control over their lives. In this way we can live our lives in the ways we really want, rather than having to accept pseudo-career corporate drone jobs, commuting, and corporate control.

To date I’ve written three books about entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and expat life.

In my free time I love traveling, Asian and vegetarian food, sport, languages, music (mostly indie rock), English comedy, good films and cycling on my mountain bike.

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