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One of the biggest challenges many businesses face is producing consistently engaging, top-quality content for their audience and their market.


Particularly if you’re selling in the IT sector – which can often be highly technical and especially demanding.


Your content has to perform many tasks. Such as providing information of value about your product. Building authority and trust in your market. Showing how your solutions can solve your prospects problem.


It has to explain the features and benefits of your product or service in a way which attracts your prospects interest, holds their attention, and encourages them to buy.


And helps your prospects along the way to reach a solid call-to-action which turns them into satisfied customers and generates sales.


To do this effectively you need a professional writer with a solid understanding of the underlying technical subject area – and who also knows how to research, structure and write convincing content and sales copy.


My background is in the IT sector where I worked for many years as an IT freelancer for many companies – both top-name companies, as well as small startups.


I’m familiar with operating systems such as Unix, Linux and Windows, as well as web, email and database server systems, through to subjects such as data encryption and security, routing and VPNs.


Among the companies I’ve worked for are such household names as Unilever, IBM, Compaq/Digital, Dresdner Bank, ING Bank, Teamviewer, 1 & 1 Internet and JD Edwards, to mention a few.


My work to date includes a wide range of subjects covering everything from computer tech, IT security, VPNs, website installation, e-commerce marketing, SEO and traffic generation strategy, business startups, investment, Bitcoin and digital cryptocurrencies, blockchain tech, business efficiency and workflow, and entertainment event promotion for numerous rock and pop artists, performers and sports events.


And since I lived and worked in Germany for many years (many of my clients have also been German-based companies)  I also speak fluent German. So if you need your technical or marketing material produced in English from German sources, I’m also able to help.


Here are some of the types of marketing content I’m experienced in producing:




Do you need a series of well-researched in-depth articles? I can write on practically any topic and both for the business-to-business (B2B) as well as the business to consumer (B2C) sectors. I’m particularly strong on the IT and computer tech areas, as well as investment subjects.


Blog Posts


Blogs are a useful marketing and information medium for many businesses. They help yield search engine rankings for your website as well as generating traffic to your site. They also assist in building authority for your business among your readers and customers and can be used to provide useful practical information for your customers.


You can also feed the blog posts into your social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter which also helps to build traffic and publicity for your business.


Blog posts tend to be shorter than articles, but the actual length can vary. I’ve written blog post content both for clients as well as for my own websites.


Direct Response Sales Copy


Marketing doesn’t just involve creating articles and blog posts. Sales copy is also essential in order to close the sale. Sales copy and “content” work hand in hand in order to move the prospect along the way to becoming a customer. Sales copy is closer to the sale because it centres around creating a distinct CTA or “Call To Action”.


This involves eliciting a specific response from the reader. It can be a direct offer to the customer to buy, by means of an online sales page. Or it could be to encourage a sign up to a newsletter or mailing list. Or to generate a customer lead or inquiry.


To write convincing sales copy you need a writer who understands the marketing and sales process. Writing convincing and effective sales copy goes beyond writing blog posts or articles. Sales psychology plays much more of a role. The text has to be precise and every word and sentence has to play a part in moving the prospect along the way towards becoming a customer.


I‘ve written sales material to sell such products as books, language courses, online cloud services such as website hosting, business accounting services, insurance and more.


SEO Content for Traffic Generation


Content should always be written primarily for your human readers – because after all it’s human readers who will ultimately become your customers. However you also need to ensure your web content is search engine optimized.


One of the additional purposes of web content is to build rankings with the search engines and to generate search engine traffic to your site. SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the proper structuring of web content in order for it to be search-engine friendly so that it will work efficiently for you in generating the search engine rankings and traffic you want to see.


This means paying attention to aspects such as providing the most suitable keywords in the content text and in the title and sub-headings.


Home Pages and Landing Pages


Your website’s home page or landing page is the first thing your visitors see when they arrive on your website. So it has a crucial job to do. It has to attract their curiosity and give them a reason to stick around to want to find out more.


Likewise for landing pages for specific targeted campaigns which receive traffic from online ads such as Google ads or Facebook ads.


Particularly important is to have a specific CTA or Call To Action. For example, encouraging the visitor to sign up to receive a newsletter, or to generate en inquiry and help build a prospect mailing list as part of your sales funnel activity.


I also create additional pages for websites such as FAQs, About Pages, Mission and Purpose statements, to name a few.


Special Feature & Technical Articles


I also write one-off feature articles on a specific subject, event or presentation. I’ve done this at short notice for clients, including for highly technical subjects.


One such example was an IT client who requested an in-depth article (about 4,000 words) at short notice on the field of TCP/IP routing systems.


Product Specifications & Technical Documentation


I can write easily readable and accurate product spec sheets based on material from technical handbooks or other sources. My specialty here is the IT sector, as this is my professional background.


The length and detail of the product spec will depend on the readership you are targeting. For example a non-technical readership such as purchasing or financial departments will tend to want less in-depth technical data than the engineering staff.


I’ve also written in-house technical documentation about IT systems and processes for a number of corporate clients in my capacity as an IT consultant.


Email Sequences & Newsletters


I’ve written email sequences and newsletter content for mailing lists and email-shots to promote products and services across a range of areas in the affiliate marketing space.


It’s important for these to be tightly written and to get to the point, giving the reader clear reason to take the action you want them to take. Above all, the subject heading is crucial and this has to hook the reader’s curiosity.




I’ve written articles and blog posts as a ghost-writer for clients as well as under my own name. In many cases the client wants to publish the material under their own name or brand. That’s almost always the case with sales copy as well.


The copyright of the content passes to you the client once payment of the invoice has been received in full. So you can publish the material under whichever name you wish.


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