How To Apply For German Citizenship In Berlin

brandenburg-gate-453995_960_720-pixabayIf you want to apply for German citizenship in Berlin, then this post will explain how to go about it.

How To Apply For German Citizenship In Berlin

If you want to apply for German citizenship in Berlin, known in German as Einbürgerung, then the best place to go first of all is the official Berlin city website at

This site is the official Service-Portal of the City of Berlin.

You can obtain checklist information here (in German) about applying for German citizenship.

To make your application for German citizenship or Einbürgerung you have to contact the Berlin borough city hall of the borough (Bezirk) in which you live.

There are 16 different Bezirke in Berlin. You can find the links to them and their addresses on the Service-Portal page.

To apply for German citizenship the conditions are:

  • You have a present existing right to residence in Germany (Aufenthaltserlaubnis).
  • Proof of ability to support yourself without recourse to public funds.This means either a source of income or paid employment.
  • Must have lived in Germany for at least eight years, or six years in some cases, such as married to a German citizen.
  • Knowledge of German languages to at least language level B1 as defined by the EU.
  • Minimum attained and certified level of education. This should be the equivalent of at least a completed technical college/apprenticeship training.
  • Passing of a short test of knowledge of basic German social, cultural and political topics.
  • With the exception of citizens of EU member states, renouncing of existing citizenship
  • No criminal convictions

You have to complete the applications forms and apply for an appointment to appear in person at the borough office for the processing of your application.

There’s a waiting list for these appointments the length of which varies according to the borough.

The fees for Einbürgerung are currently:

255 Euro per adult

51 Euro per child

There are some smaller additional fees which may also be charged depending on your application.

As far as I can gather all the info and application materials only appear to be available in German.

For more info, check out the Berlin Service Portal site at

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