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Chris Farrell Membership teaches you the practical know-how you need to succeed with your online business.






clockThe One Minute Review of Chris Farrell Membership

What is it?  Chris Farrell Membership is an online training course in internet marketing for beginners

What’s inside? Webinars, podcasts, PDFs, templates, graphics, web-hosting, forum and support

Who is it for? Complete beginners to internet marketing and related computer technical aspects

How much?  Currently $4.95 for the first week, then $37 per month thereafter. Quit whenever you want.

How can I join? Go to 

How can I find out more? Keep reading. Here’s the longer version..

Chris Farrell Membership – Full Review by

What is Chris Farrell Membership?

Chris Farrell Membership was launched in 2008 by Chris Farrell, an English guy living in the US.

Chris Farrell Membership is an internet marketing training program for complete beginners who have no previous knowledge of either internet marketing or the computer technical side of web marketing. The program has been voted best online income service for three years in a row.

Chris Farrell Membership was one of the first training programs I joined when I first became interested in online marketing and ecommerce.

Chris Farrell Membership is a comprehensive, practical, hands-on training in both the online marketing and online technical aspects of online business.

The program makes intensive use of video, webinar and podcast material to take you through the basics and explain the steps involved in starting a successful internet marketing business.

The program includes a large volume of videos and webinars presented by Chris himself.

What Are The Best Things About Chris Farrell Membership?

Chris Farrell is a great teacher and a good communicator and he presents most of the video and webinar material himself.

The course assumes nothing – neither marketing nor computer technical knowledge. It teaches you everything from the ground up right from the basics.

Chris Farrell Membership is very strong on the practical side: showing you how to actually do things. For example. the editing, cutting and pasting, which buttons you actually have to click. Especially if you’re a complete beginner all this is valuable.

There is an initial coaching program contained within the training for all newcomers called “21 Days to Success”.

This is a training course consisting of a series of video-based modules spread out over 21 days which you can follow if you wish. It provides a practical scheduled structure which is very useful in helping to actually get you started.

The program comes with a great deal of already “done for you” promotional marketing material – website pages, landing pages, graphics, pre written, email letters, website templates. The program also offers unlimited web hosting at no extra charge.

What Will I Learn From Chris Farrell Membership?

Chris Farrell Membership will teach you

  • how to set up a domain name and web-hosting
  • how to create your first website and how to use WordPress
  • how to write effective sales pages and sales letters
  • how to set up an email list
  • how to create and market information products, including your own eBook
  • how to utilise social media and podcasting

The community forum is also a plus, with a large quantity of useful material for reference, although live activity on the forum can be a little sporadic at times.

Another plus is that you can always cancel the membership whenever you want. Chris Farrell Membership does not lock you in to a long period. You are free to terminate your subscription as and when you wish.

And what’s more, you get all this for just $37 per month. And just $4.95 for the first month. That’s FANTASTIC VALUE by any measure.

What I DON’T Find So Good About Chris Farrell Membership

Chris is a firm believer in online video, and using video to create a continuous stream of online presentations made by himself. It’s a powerful technique which works.

But he also uses the video technique to promote his various additional upsells and features. This means that whenever you click on one of his webpages, chances are Chris will pop up without any prompting or request on your part with yet another promo video and start talking right away.

The training material tends to be somewhat on the basic side.  Chris Farrell Membership is an excellent training program and it will give you with a good understanding of the basics involved.

But internet marketing involves a great deal more than what you will learn on this course. Chris Farrell Membership is just the start of a lot of learning and implementing.

I found there was a little too much coffee table type chat at times in Chris’s presentations. Chris even took live breaks during webinars to take his dogs out for a walk.

Of course a break is actually no bad thing, but I did find this dog walking routine (he has several dogs) in the middle of a live streamed webinar on internet marketing amusing.

As far as I know, Chris Farrell doesn’t come from a marketing background. Prior to starting Chris Farrell Membership he was an FM radio DJ.

This former occupation comes across in his podcast style. Smooth, slick, easy listening. Like learning internet marketing presented by Smooth-FM.

Chris Farrell places a great deal of emphasis on creating a “one page website” with an opt-in form to sign up subscribers.

This was sound and standard practice in internet marketing several years ago.

List-building is an essential part of successful online marketing, but trying to build a mailing list by means of a “squeeze page” website ignores the fact that Google nowadays has downgraded the importance it used to attach to one-page websites.

Authority websites with rich quality content are what Google now prefers, not websites which serve little purpose than to act as one-page landing sites to build subscriber mailing lists.

Also the level of both the marketing advice taught and the computer technical side on Chris Farrell Membership is pretty basic and doesn’t go beyond this starter level.

This is a definite plus if you are a complete newbie both to online marketing – or any form of marketing, and if you are not familiar with the web technical side.

But if you already have previous experience of these areas, as was the case for me, then you may find yourself paddling in shallow water. Either right away, or fairly soon afterwards.

The forum community can be a little inactive at times. However, Chris also includes a telephone number on his site through which you can contact him in person. There aren’t many programs which do that. The program also employs online support personnel.

Whilst it sounds initially like an advantage, the “unlimited hosting” offered by the program can also be a disadvantage.

Bear in mind first of all that no hosting is ever really “unlimited”, despite what the advertising says.

What it means is that, for the average user, under average conditions, the hosting will be adequate and no restrictions will be imposed within these limits.

But the crucial point here is that if and when you leave the program, then you will have to move your hosting to another provider. And that is not a trivial matter to arrange for a beginner.

On the other hand, you do not have to actually use the hosting included with Chris Farrell Membership. It’s up to you. You can do what I did and arrange your own hosting independently from the course.

But – if you are a complete newbie to internet marketing and the computer technical side, then the free hosting offered by the program may be the easiest solution for you initially. It’s a one-stop solution. And it will certainly save you money.

Bear in mind that whilst Chris Farrell Membership comes with unlimited web hosting included in the price, it does NOT include the associated additional costs such as domain name registration, mailing list services etc.

My Verdict on Chris Farrell Membership

The level of training is on the basic side and does not go beyond this.

So you may find yourself outgrowing Chris Farrell Membership sooner than you expected.

Chris Farrell is an excellent teacher and Chris Farrell Membership is a great internet marketing training program for complete newbies to the sector.

Plus it’s especially useful if you have little or no previous web technical knowledge on the computer side.

If this sounds like you, then Chris Farrell Membership is a great choice for your internet marketing training.

Chris Farrell Membership offers reputable, inexpensive and solid internet marketing training for beginners.

How To Join Chris Farrell Membership

Go to 


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