Why Content Creation is The Best Way To Win More Traffic

There’s a well-known saying when it comes to website traffic: “Content is King”.

In recent years we’ve seen more and more emphasis on the craft of SEO – or “Search Engine Optimization”.

SEO means arranging your website’s content to make it more acceptable to Google and the other search engines. For example by making sure that your most important keywords relating to your business and your product are present within your site’s content.

But content creation is much more important than SEO.

Why Content Creation Is The Best Way To Win More Traffic

SEO is important so that people searching for your product or service can come across your business and your solution.

However, the trouble with SEO is that it is only half the story.

Content written primarily to please the search engines tends to read stilted and dry to a real human visitor to your site.

“Keyword stuffing” – filling an article with a large number of keywords just creates content which reads poorly and can send your site’s visitors away rather than attract their attention.

You have to consider your human visitors first and foremost.

Write For Your Human Visitors, Not For Search Engine Bots

It’s human visitors and not search engines that form your prospects and will become your customers and ultimately buy the products and services you sell on or promote on your site.

And this will only succeed if you establish a genuine and trusted rapport with your visitors.

Plus, the articles you write for your website will remain on your site long term – or at least until you delete them.

So your website is building up a long term relationship with your audience and your market. To do this successfully you need to create quality content.

Good quality content will always come out tops with your visitors. Make sure you add your keywords – in fact it would be foolish and a lost opportunity foregone if you didn’t. But don’t fall into the mistake of relying on keywording alone.

Rubbish content that contains your keywords is still rubbish content and won’t cut it with your visitors.

Always create quality content that your human visitors will want to read and is useful to them.

Don’t forget that when your visitors are human beings and not search engine robots – Content is always King.

And quality content creation is always the key to more traffic to your website.


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