How To Attract More Traffic To Your Website

13221579625_ea50937c99_zThe one thing every online business needs is traffic.

And – unless you’re Amazon or Facebook, no online business can ever have enough traffic.

So here’s my list of the seven top practical ways to attract more traffic to your website.

1. Write quality content which your audience finds useful and interesting

Publishing good quality content on your website is always a winner. Both with the search engines and with your visitors.

This is the number one thing which to you should give priority – if you aren’t already doing it. Everything else you do will depend on having quality content on your site.

2. Create relevant page headlines

Search engines and your readers like to come across page headlines that are interesting and which hook them. Don’t forget you only get one chance to make an impression.

So make sure your post and article page headlines draw your readers in.

3. Build backlinks to your site

To do this you can use a whole range of techniques. That’s a subject for another article in itself.

But basically it means writing content for other sites.

For example through guest posts, article directories, social media sites, posting comments on other blogs.

The more and good quality high ranking backlinks you can win for your site, the better.

4. Pay attention to your SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO isn’t dead, despite what some people keep saying. It’s still relevant.

But don’t obsess over it. Just make sure your site’s content is correctly SEO-configured so that the search engines can make the most of it.

Pay attention to things like keywords, header tags and of course your page headlines. Install a decent SEO plugin on your site, such as Yoast SEO.

5. Utilize social media

Make sure you have a Facebook business page.

And a Twitter feed.

And one or two more social media links that are relevant to your niche.

6. Become an authority in your niche

Don’t mess around trying to create single page “mini” or  “micro sites”.

Those kind of sites are now discounted by Google and rightly so. That sort of stuff is very yesteryear and in any case doesn’t add value for people.

So don’t waste your time on setting up mini sites.  Build a strong authority site in your niche instead. It will do much more for your SEO, your traffic – and your authority in the long run.

7. Utilize paid-for traffic

Paid-for traffic mainly means spending money on Google Adwords.

Unfortunately, Adwords is not easy or cheap like it used to be. You have to do your research carefully, else you will burn through a lot of money with little to show for it. But a certain outlay for paid-for traffic can be worth it.

Just make sure that your content quality is up to scratch for the keywords you choose.

Finally, don’t forget that traffic generation as a task is never completed.  Attracting visitors to your site is a continual on-going activity. An online business has to run just to stand still.

But the good news is that with time and effort the task gets easier and more lucrative.

So stick at it and you will see rewards.

Good luck with your traffic generation activities!

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