How To Move Your Website To A New Domain

moveyourwebsite.kevinwells.orgYou sometimes need to move an existing website to a new domain.

In this post and video I show you how to move your website to a new domain fast and safely.

The following instructions apply to websites running on the WordPress platform.

I recently had to replicate a website to a new domain.

You might think it’s a simple matter to copy a website across to a new domain. Don’t you just need to copy your website folder across to the new domain folder location and rename it?

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that.

For one thing, WordPress runs using a Mysql database. Within this database are tables and data fields containing links to your existing website address.

There are also configuration files in your website folder structure which contain references to your website address. So all these need to be changed.

Trying to do this by hand will be a slow laborious and error-prone process and I don’t recommend trying.

The import and export tool functions provided in WordPress are also only half of the story. They don’t modify any of these links for you either.

Fortunately there is another and much better way.

You can use a plugin which will pretty well automate this whole process for you in one go.

The plugin I used is called All in One WP Migrate. It’s freely available for use from the site.

I used this plugin to perform my website replication and it all went perfectly with no hitches. It’s a painless way to replicate or copy your website, or even to make a full backup of your entire website including the database.

If you want to move your site to another domain or else just perform a full backup of your website, then I recommend you try out All in One WP Migrate.

Ive made a short 10 minute video to show you how the replication process works.

Click on the link below to watch the video.









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