SEO Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Google Ranking

13221579625_ea50937c99_zHere are ten search engine optimization mistakes that can cause your website to get penalized by Google.

Ten SEO Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Google Ranking

1. Publishing unoriginal content on your site

Google hates duplicated content. Wherever and whenever Google comes across duplicated content, the Google search algorithm tends to give it a thumbs down.

So unless you have very good reason, don’t try to duplicate your content.

2. Having hidden text on your site

There are some websites that place strings of hidden keywords on the pages of their site in the hope of gaining higher ranking for relevant search engine terms.

This is a very old trick which the search engines have long since caught up with and it no longer works with Google.

3. Repeating your keywords too often

If once is good, then twice much be better?

And if twice is better, then three, four, five and more times must surely be even better still – right?


Google hates keyword stuffing and discounts it. Make sure your main keywords are present in your content – but don’t overdo it. It won’t do your ranking any good.

4. Putting heaps of paid links on your site

Google knows that people dislike websites which are little more than “link farms” to hold links to other sites.

And as a consequence, Google doesn’t like them either.

5. Doing link exchanges which have little value or benefit to the visitor

I’m always getting hopeful emails from businesses and website owners who suggest that we indulge in a little gentle link exchanging.

My answer is always the same.


My website is not a phone book. Nor should yours be either. So don’t treat it like one. That way Google won’t treat it like one either.

6. Having a landing page with little or no value content behind it

The single landing page website strategy used to work.

But not any longer.

Google’s famous – or infamous, depending on how you see it, search engine algorithm updates such as Panda and Penguin have hit landing page strategists hard.

It doesn’t mean you can’t have a landing page.

It’s just that Google wants to see landing pages that are not just landing pages.

So put some quality content behind your landing page. Make sure there’s more to your domain name than just a landing page.

7. Employing cheap SEO tricks

Bold typing all your keywords on your site or keyword stuffing (mentioned above) just doesn’t cut it any more. Google wasn’t born yesterday. So don’t do it.

8. Scraping content

This one is a surefire loser. Using frames to stream content from other sites, or blatant copying of content from other sites does not go down well with Google.

It’s also most probably copyright infringement as well.

So don’t get into scraping other people’s content.

9. Providing different content from that to which which your backlinks point

Otherwise known as Cloaked Content.

This was another little party trick which some people thought was the easy way to gain Google’s love.

But it turned out to be Very Very Bad in Google’s books.

10. Finally, not optimizing your site for SEO

This one might seem a little odd at first sight. But we’re not talking about SEO tricks here.

What I mean is making sure your site’s content is presented and formatted correctly in the way that Google likes to find things whenever it visits.

So use meaningful subject categories for your content. Make sure your site description is set up correctly. Make sure you’re using html header tags for your paragraph headings. 

There’s nothing wrong with clean, reputable SEO. Google loves it and thrives on it.

So stick to basic, honest SEO and keep away from the gaming-Google tricks.

Good luck with your site optimization and here’s wishing you heaps of relevant traffic as a result!


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