Why You Should Consider Using WordPress For Your Business Website

WordPress is a blogging and website content management system or CMS that has been around since 2003.

In that time it’s grown from simple beginnings to become a fully-fledged web CMS that is now used by literally millions of websites and businesses across the world. Nowadays WordPress is used not only for blogging, but for commercial and non-commercial websites of all kinds.

Here are twelve good reasons why WordPress is the best Content Management System for your website.

1. WordPress is simple to install and get working

WordPress is available for both Windows and Linux systems. It uses the programming language PHP and the database system MySQL and operates on the Apache webserver.

Once you have these two prerequisites installed, (sometimes referred to as LAMP – Linux-Apache-MySql-PHP), or WAMP (Windows-Apache-MySql-PHP) you can get a WordPress site up and running very quickly.

2. WordPress is very easy to operate

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of all.

WordPress has an easy-to-use web-based interface. You can access it using a web-browser from any computer or device. The system is intuitive to understand with most of the functionality based on point-and-click.

Writing and adding pages, graphics, blog posts, sidebar boxes and other functionality is simple and straightforward. And it’s easy to format your articles, posts and pages in the way you want them to appear.

3. You don’t need to know HTML to use WordPress

Since the functionality of WordPress is based on point-and-click, you don’t need to have any HTML coding knowledge, unlike some other web page building platforms.

Of course, knowing some HTML can still be useful in specific cases, but for straightforward page creation and blogging, you don’t need to know any HTML in order to get started with WordPress.

4. WordPress is secure

This is also an important point. Security for a website is vital.

Security holes can occur as with any software and any online system. But wordpress’s active support community means that security holes tend to be patched extremely quickly. You can even configure your WordPress site to install upgrades of the system and of most plugins automatically, the moment they become available.

5. The search engines love WordPress websites

WordPress has a very clean and well-structured architecture. This makes it easy for search engines to index and assess a WordPress-based website.

You can easily add specific keywords, meta tags, titles, subheadings and descriptions to your material to help enhance your site’s SEO.

6. WordPress makes website design easy to change

There are literally thousands of WordPress website designs or “themes” as they are called for you to choose between. So you can have a website up and running with a design literally within minutes. There are plenty of great free designs or themes available as well as paid-for themes.

You can be sure to find a WordPress theme that suits your business, your brand and the focus of your site. WordPress makes it easy to create the precise look and feel for your site that you want.

7. WordPress comes with a built-in blog

WordPress was originally designed to be a platform for blogging which means full blogging facilities are already built into the system and are ready to go.

This makes getting started with a blog is a breeze.

8. WordPress has a vast number of plugin functions available

There literally thousands of add-on modules or plugins available for WordPress. These extend or add to the functionality of WordPress, providing all manner of additional features and services.

Some are paid-for and many are available free of charge. Whatever the function you are looking for, you can almost certainly find a WordPress plugin for it.

9. WordPress sites are highly scalable.

As your business and your website grows, WordPress grows with you. There’s practically no limit.

A WordPress site can manage literally thousands of posts, pages and images.

10. WordPress lets you set up multiple users

You can easily set up multiple users for your WordPress site. Some can be administrators, others can be editors. This helps with accessibility and maintenance and helps avoid security issues.

11. WordPress has a vast user community

Because WordPress is so popular, it enjoys the benefits of a vast community of programmers, theme and plugin providers all over the world. It’s easy to get help if you have a problem.

Not only that, but the vast community and active teams of programmers means that the system is well-maintained and new versions and features are constantly being released. WordPress is very much an active and ongoing project.

12. WordPress is free!

And finally, WordPress is free. This might come as a surprise for such a powerful system which offers you such great functionality – but it’s true. WordPress is free, open source software. And it’s also free for business use.

Some third-party WordPress themes and plugins may be paid-for, but there are plenty of themes and plugins which are available free of charge – and the basic WordPress system itself is also free.

There aren’t many website CMS’s for which you can say that.

So there you go. Twelve great reasons why you should consider using WordPress for your website.

I’ve used WordPress for my sites now for several years. It’s one of the greatest inventions of all time for online business.

So take a look at using WordPress for your business. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Visit WordPress.org now and check it out!

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